Muddy Moonshine will release its debut album “Muddy & Wild”

A Finnish Southern Rock band Muddy Moonshine will release its debut album “Muddy & Wild” in December 16th 2016 via Secret Entertainment.

The band was founded in 2014 when good friends Jarmo, Jonne and Tero had a vision to start an acoustic blues ensemble.The band played covers, as well as a few of their own songs; at which point Saku joined the group on drums.

The band recorded and published at their own expense an EP entitled “Distilled in Finland” in 2015, after which Kim replaced Jaakko as bassist.

As the number of gigs increased, new songs were written. Stefan came along and replaced Niko on guitar. Muddy’s musical style was changing as well, from Blues towards a more Southern Rock style.

Muddy Moonshine Album Artwork
Muddy Moonshine Album Artwork

Secret Entertainment came along and offered the band a record deal, which led to the production of their first full length album. It was also at this time that Muddy Moonshine decided to take on Aleksi Ahokas (Rapture, Fragilehollow) as their singer.

The band released a single “This Town Of Mine” on October 13th and it can be heard on Spotify and music video can be seen at Youtube.


01. Back In Jail
02. Drunk As Fuck
03. This Town Of Mine
04. Moonshineman
05. Bottle Of Love
06. Funkytown
07. River
08. Blued Steel Blues
09. Russian Pussycat Blues
10. Stomp
11. Succubus

Muddy Moonshine line-up

Aleksi Ahokas – Vocals
Jarmo Ikala – Guitars and slide
Jonne Roth – Guitars
Kim Sandström – Bass
Saku Manninen – Drums
Stefan Granroth – Guitars

Muddy Moonshine official website
Muddy Moonshine on Facebook


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