In the Woods are a band I didn’t know much about

In the Woods are a Band I didn’t know much about, having not really been au fait with the whole Progressive Metal genre until the last year.

So, once I got a hold of “Cease the Day” I was a bit skeptical, if I am honest but that skepticism has well and truly gone this eight-track monstrosity is awe inspiring, absorbing and a kaleidoscope effort of varying senses that fully absorb you and draw you into a journey of varying feelings and emotions.

Opening with “Empty Streets” this opener has thunderous driving rhythms and fist pumping head destroying moments as this nine plus minute monster envelopes your essence, wow what an opener!

These Norwegians continue to have you in their grip as they break into “Substance Vortex” the lyrical theme and intensity stir feelings of despair, longing and addiction as they weave their magic with James Fogartys intense Vocals continuing to fascinate and beguile you as you get a full-blown fix and become totally addicted to In the Woods.

“Respect my Solitude” resonates and pummels your mind as you listen to this track full blast and take in the different curves and occasional growls that emanate from Fogarty this track blows your mind as Anders Kobro machine gun drumming shakes the walls combined with Kåre André Sletteberg and Bernt Sørensen guitars and the thudding Bass lines emanating from the lead singers guitar, this song is so effective and absorbing.

This release just continues to amaze as the stunning “Cloud Seeder” has you punching the air and banging your head as this track works its magic with its progressive metal verve.

“Still yearning” fills you with doom and dread as the opening starts and fascinates you this is such a deep tune and the growls send shivers up and down your spine as you become fully immersed in its delivery.

“Strike up with the dawn” with the Album opener is my favorite on here (well today anyway!) love the zing and vigor this track instills in one and is going to be excellent for working out to at the gym to.

“Transcending Years” with a live atmospheric feel as a crowd cheers start proceedings off, this track then really takes off as thumping

Bass and Drums roar, as the guitars and keyboards join the party, all leading to the point when Fogartys vocals rise and bring translucency to the song.

The final track the Album title “Cease the Day” brings things to a close with its piano lead tones this calming piece brings to an end one of the most intriguing and truly wonderful releases that defies words, you just have to listen to it to embrace In the woods,

I really cannot enthuse enough about this opus, its mesmerizing and fully enraptures your soul “Cease the Day” is a must have!!!

Review by Seb Di Gatto – Score 10/10


1. Empty Streets
2. Substance Vortex
3. Respect My Solitude
4. Cloud Seeder
5. Still Yearning
6. Strike Up with the dawn
7. Transcending Yesterdays
8. Cease the Day


Bernt Sørensen – Guitar
Anders Kobro – Drums
James Fogarty – Vox (studio Guitar, Bass & Keys)
Kåre André Sletteberg – Guitar
Alex Weisbeek – Live bass


In The Woods Facebook


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