Wasteland Valley and yeah they RAWK!

Here at The Metal Gods Meltdown we seem to cover, Interview and Review more Scandinavian Bands than from our homeland here in the UK, and man I am so glad we do there are so many gems from the lands of Vikings, Ice, Saunas and Snow and another one that’s arrived in our office is from Norway this time and they go by the name of Wasteland Valley and yeah they RAWK!

Opening with “The Temple of The Gods” The band deliver an old school hard rock vibe that has the most important ingredient a rawness and freshness relevant to the 21st century.

These Norwegians deliver the goods with some added grunge overtones mixed in with the odd splattering of Punk attitude added to the mix throughout this platter, but this opener is the highlight on here with some super guitar riffs courtesy of Thomas Kvaløsæter and, Christian Følstad with fantastic vocals from Tor Erik Simensen entwined with great melodies and rhythm.

Then the addictive “Masquerade” booms outta ya speakers and soon has you singing along and raising your drinking horns to Wasteland Valley, one that’s going to be fun live for sure.

“Twister” wouldn’t been out of place on any Motorhead release it has that kind of Metal punch that hits you in the face and goes for the jugular.

The punishing rhythm section of Jon Erling Ringstads Bass and Espen Gotvasli on Drums really stamp their mark on this track.

Next the punkish “Golden Opportunity” kind of raised an eyebrow here at the Gods abode, its a bit out of place on here I felt, but fuck it’s still a good song and one to bounce around the room to. Then “The Chamber” surprises you with its total change in direction from the previous track opening with an acoustic guitar it then powers up to become a pounding and powerful statement.

Another one to get you busting some moves on the dance floor and head banging is the excellent “Reach for more” love the guitar work on this track, another track with a kick ass singalong chorus. “Take a Stand” continues the no nonsense hard rocking.

“No Place for a Queen” drips Metallica and even has a semblance of familiarity to a very well-known song by them, but hell it dosen’t matter, as the song progresses it becomes something quite different and a thoroughly enjoyable song.

Penultimate track “Remains to be seen” is classy with towering guitars and hell to leather moments this with the opener track are the main highlights on here for me.

Ending this opus we have “The End” a doleful surprising and moving finish to a good confident release.

Now I have had this CD about a month and having really enjoyed listening to it, these guys have a huge potential and I hope they get the attention they deserve, this release is full of hard rocking, punk tinged delirium that should see them go far I just get the feeling this Band live will be a night full of dancing, sweat, beer and partying!

Review by Seb Di Gatto – Score 8.5 /10


01. The Temple of the Gods
02. Masquerade
03. Twister
04. Golden Opportunity
05. The Chamber
06. Reach for More
07. Take a Stand
08. No Place for a Queen
09. Remains to Be Seen
10. The End


Tor Erik Simensen – Vocals
Thomas Kvaløsæter – Guitar
Christian Følstad – Guitar
Jon Erling Ringstad – Bass
Espen Gotvasli – Drums


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