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The Azaria Magazine is an international magazine focusing on the alternative lifestyles extreme internationally with focus on music, interviews, promotion, tattooed models, tattoo artists and events.

Azaria is a magazine packed with features and interviews with models, music and tattoo artists, photographers and much more.

You will also find loads of band promos here in our online magazine with established artists and also new and upcoming from several record labels.

If you’ve got a band then do not hesitate, send a e-mail to submissions@azariamag.com and show us what you’ve got.

We are a magazine published minimum 12 times a year packed with pure entertainment!

Advertise with us

Are you interested in advertising with the Azaria magazine? We have great deals for advertising both in our online magazine and in our printed Azaria. All you have to do is to contact us using this e-mail; sales@azariamag.com

We offer banners, sponsored articles and printed ads.

Don’t hesitate, contact us now for pricing information right away.

Band promotions for record labels and promotion companies

If you’re a record label or promotion company the Azaria welcomes you to use us as a platform for promotion totally free of charge. We usually publish your promos within 24 hours.

We also welcome projects and ideas, just give us a shout-out to promotion@azariamag.com and we’ll get back to you.

Contact the Azaria and submitting information

If you’re interested in submitting your work to be published in the Azaria the please use this email; submissions@azariamag.com

For model submissions we require a full biography (minimum 200 words) and photo credits. Please also read Image, material and copyright information found below.

Editorial questions and other inquires like advertising or exciting projects please use this contact; editor@azariamag.com

General questions; info@azariamag.com

Image, material and copyright information

By sending the Azaria Magazine images and material you agree to giving the Azaria Magazine full ONE time publishing rights allowing the Azaria Magazine to publish the material ONCE in print and ONCE in our online magazine. Full credit to owner of material will always be ensured.

We do NOT prohibit you to publish your work in any way before we publish your work in the Azaria. It’s your work as an artist and we respect that fact.

Thus meaning the Azaria Magazine can by time of next available magazine issue use all material sent to us for publishing both in print as well as online digital media ONCE. Notice; we do NOT accept watermarked images.

The Azaria Magazine may if needed edit texts to fit the layout and style of features without prior notification.

All photos sent to the Azaria Magazine must be of a minimum size 2800×3800 pixels using 300 dpi resolution. This due to the fact that less than this are photos not suitable for print.

For more information about image resolution please visit ProShooter

Send all hi-res photos to submissions@azariamag.com using main model or photographer email. For large files we recommend sending files using WeTransfer

The Azaria Magazine do not guarantee covers nor exact publishing dates. You will however always be guaranteed publishing once your work is approved.

Tear sheets will be sent upon request due to the extreme flow of artists contacting us.

The Azaria Magazine do NOT send printed copies of magazines to artists and photographers. We do however always send free digital copies if requested.

By sending the Azaria Magazine images and material you agree to these terms.

Want to work with the Azaria Magazine?

If you’re interested in working with the Azaria Magazine bringing our readers and followers great music, models, tattoos, contents and photography? All you have to do is to sand us an email telling us you want in with our team; work@azariamag.com

The Azaria staff

Cia Lundmark, Sweden – Social media editor, cia@azariamag.com

Alex Lundmark, Sweden – Music editor, alex@azariamag.com

Glenn Astete Ortega, Sweden – Editor of arts, glenn@azariamag.com

Leslie Loux, Oregon, US – Freelance reporter, leslie@azariamag.com

Stuart McGuire, Scotland – Staff photographer, stuart@azariamag.com

Rocketman, Sweden – Editor-in-Chief, rocketman@azariamag.com

Tommy Palomäki, Finland – Staff photographer, tommi@azariamag.com

Lance Miller, California, US – Staff photographer, lance@azariamag.com

Andreas Johansson, Sweden – Freelance writer, andreas@azariamag.com

Katrin Unge, Sweden – Staff photographer – Post Mortem Photography, info@post-mortem.se

Peter Gordon, Massachusetts, US – Staff photographer – Metro West Magical Photography, mwmagicalphoto@gmail.com

How to buy the Azaria Magazine

Buy the Azaria Magazine in both print and digital download. All major credit cards accepted. Shipping world-wide.

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