Rebel Rampage are on a mission to galvanize and inspire

Los Angeles power rock trio, Rebel Rampage, have released their ferocious debut album Divided We Fall, featuring Angelo Moore (Fishbone) and Emily Armstrong (Dead Sara).

The politically charged and controversial collection is a fiery addition to L.A.’s historic lineage of protest music, which includes, Rage Against The Machine, Kendrick Lamar, Bad Religion, Fever 333 and more.

Rebel Rampage
Rebel Rampage

Rebel Rampage are on a mission to galvanize and inspire the public to clean out the United States government, uphold civil rights and the Constitution, and hold people accountable.

They rally behind the motto, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall! Respect my existence, or expect my resistance!”


Rebel Rampage Facebook | Rebel Rampage Official Website


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One thought on “Rebel Rampage are on a mission to galvanize and inspire

  • November 1, 2018 at 20:21

    I LOVE this album and this band. At first listen it’s clear that this album contains tracks that were written, recorded, produced, and engineered by people who truly care about their craft. But that’s only the surface of what this album really means. It’s message is a spot on portrayal of how most Americans feel today about our current political situation. Each song speaks clearly but with great emotion about subjects that we all care about, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of choice. I’ve been waiting for an artist to truly capture the times that we live in and Rebel Rampage has done it! This is an extremely important album because it strives to bring together a country that is being torn apart by leadership that stems from prejudice, lack of understanding of the needs of the people, disrespect of women, and corrupt use of political power. We need to all band together and rebel (vote them out!) against leaders that seek to tear our democracy down. To me, the message and songs of Divided We Fall can and will be the voice of the majority of caring, thinking, people of our nation, and needs to be the music that brings us ALL together. Listen to this music, spread the word about its message, and while that’s happening, you’ll enjoy an amazing ROCK experience!!!


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