Junkyard Drive return with their follow up album

Junkyard Drive return with their follow up album to Sin And Tonic and boy it’s a barnstorming Hard rocking wet dream of killer riffs and sugar coated vocals that will have you dancing on the tables drinking copiously and generally having a damn good time.

With hints of Airbourne and Guns N’ Roses, Junkyard Drive’s album Black Coffee is full to the brim of good time boogying no nonsense Rock how it used to be and always should be!

Opening with Time is Over its deep and meaningful lyrics rock your socks off as the super talented Kristian Johansen tells you how it is, combined with some scintillating Lead guitar man ship from Birk this is a hell of an opener and man these guys have developed leaps and bounds from their previous Debut release in 2015.

The latest single Sweet Little Dreamer has been getting massive airplay worldwide and like a few of the tracks on here remind me of classic Eighties Metal and is a tune that drags you back to those hazy days of poodle perms and rock n’ roll debauchery with a twenty first century edge!

Make up Your Mind is a foot stamping, head pummeling message that shakes the walls as the rest of the Band add backing Vocals to this statement of intent.

What I really love about this release is how different and diverse it is, yes we have sleazy Rockers like the superb Backstreet Baby to sing and bounce along too then we get tracks like the stunning and beautifully composed bluesy Way To Long.

It’s a song I have played time and time again, it simply moves this old tattooed rocker, it’s a work of art.

Tim Meldals bass combined with Ben Høyers rhythm guitar man ship open Through The Door it’s a slow burner that builds into something magnificent as Claus Munch’s Drums spring into life with Birks lead guitar and Johannsen’s vocals fully ignite this number.

Junkyard Drive Black Coffee Album Cover
Junkyard Drive Black Coffee Album Cover

Same Old Story and Wasted Nights continue the good time groove these Danes seriously Rock your world, with some kick ass riffs and powerful vocals to melt the ice caps as penultimate track Where I Belong busts outta ya speakers, it is sleazy and hard edged, a tune to inspire and hopefully see Junkyard Drive go all the way.

This platter finishes with a competent booty shaking, horns in the air instrumental See You Next Time and I am sure we will soon!

Black Coffee is such a radio friendly release, it should appeal to a much wider audience than just the Hard Rocking crowd, its pretty damn hot to trot.

Review by Seb Di Gatto – Score 8.5 /10


1. Time Is Over
2. Sweet Little Dreamer
3. Sucker for Your Love
4. Make Up Your Mind
5. Backseat Baby
6. Way to Long
7. Through the Door
8. Same Old Story
9. Wasted Nights
10 .Where I Belong!
11. See You Next Time


Kris – Lead Vocal
Birk – Lead Guitar/Backup Vocal
Benjamin – Rhythm Guitar/Backup Vocal
Claus – Drums/Cowbell
Tim Meldal – Bass


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