Shamira Crivellaro Photography – The most reliable way to actually learn anything is to travel and see what a place and its people are like

I’m a pathological nomad, I’m attracted to travelling since it is the most sincere and true source of information and knowledge. The most reliable way to actually learn anything is to travel and see what a place and its people are like. This is one of the reasons for I manage to have at least one photo shoot in any place I visit.

Cyril Ibrahim Photo by Shamira Crivellaro
Cyril Ibrahim Photo by Shamira Crivellaro

Every city, every street, every stone and corner of earth has a unique character, distinctive histories that raise inspiration, different points of view, new perspectives to look at and share. Photography is one of the ways (the best I’m capable with) to see the world, try to understand it, and often reinterpret it my own way. Beauty is mainly to be able to see the intimate nature of things and people, to enquire, to question their look to show their soul, or at least the idea of their soul that lives in my interpretation. My passion as a photographer is to try express that ever-changing, sometimes elusive beauty.

I’m inspired by life, by all things magical, whimsical and contemporary. Every photo and design of mine has an individual style that is sensitive, magical and introspective in nature, I hope to communicate my love for beauty in its many forms, even better if unconventional or unsettling. infuse positivity and empower the spirit of the people who look at my photographs. If it’s true that beauty is the eye of the beholder, to me this means both the photographer and the observer.

How would you describe your work, and what is your main goal with your work as a photographer? I like thinking I portrait the world not the way it is, but the way I see it. I use my camera to paint the lights and shadows of a magical world that lives inside of me, and thanks to photography I can make it alive and share it.

What are your plans for the future, are there any new and exciting projects you would like to share with us? We have shot some very lovely wolves this month and will continue to incorporate them in my future shoots. We are planning for several network photo shoots involving tea parties and underwater as well. At the moment I am planning my next concepts to be taken in Morocco and in the East Coast of the United States. We already set our activities for 2015 and we are brainstorming for some new concepts in 2016 (one of them will reinterpret Tarots)

How did you feel when you did your first ever photo shoot? It was more than ten years ago and obviously my perception of this medium was different, as were my interests and goals. But I felt like I was able to infuse eternity to something temporary. My work could make eternal something subjected to decay due the action of time (or at least extend its lie)

If your were not a photographer, what other profession would you have been doing instead? A designer, which I also am. Shaping my ideas and inspirations into objects that people can wear and to which they can relate is something I’m truly thankful for

What makes a photo not just good but great? The eye of the photographer should see the mystery behind and beyond the subject, tell her\his\its story in a way words can’t express. We all can look, not everyone can actually see. A great photograph captures that indescribable quality

Shamira Crivellaro Miramarc Studios U.K.


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