Scarecrow plays horror punk with metal and hardcore influences

Scarecrow is a horror punk band from Finland, from small town named Hyvinkää.

Scarecrow plays horror punk with metal and hardcore influences. The band was born in new year 1999-2000. Fifteen years we have made hell of a lot stuff and looked for melodic, brutal and fast, but also deadly slow songs.

Scarecrow has made several releases, hundreds of gigs, two hundred songs recorded in studio and wasted hundred liters of blood and beer.

We have made a lot, but there is much more to do! Here is our fourth full album “Exterminators of the year 4000”. ”Macabre night” and ”They live” is taken from s/t 7”EP 2016. ”Macabre night” also released on Terrorizer Magazine #273 (2016) ”Fear Candy” 157 Compilation.

Scarecrow Exterminators Album Artwork
Scarecrow Exterminators Album Artwork

Digitally released December 19th 2016 by Inverse Records.

Record label 82 Records 82REC019 (Finland) / DSB Records DSB031 (Germany)


Scarecrow line-up

Jack13 – Vocals and guitar
Ruho (Azaghal, Frogskin) – Guitar
JLNokturnal (Ex-Azaghal) – Bass
Slagh (Misled generation) – Drums
Määttä Von Wolfman – Drums

Scarecrow releases

2016 – Exterminators of the year 4000 CD/LP
2016 – Macabre Night 7”/mCD
2015 – MaggotBox 2000-2015 2CD
2014 – Amores De Vampiros 7″EP
2009 – THE TERROR CD/12″
2006 – DEADCROW CD/12″
2005 – La morte vivante miniCD
2005 – Tales from the crypt MC Split w/ Lucien
2004 – Fuck the world 7″EP Split w/Sex sex sex
2004 – Endless spine miniCD
2004 – Black chains miniCD
2002 – Evil never dies EP 12″
2002 – Creepshow EP 12″


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