Saxon to perform at Stadsfesten, Skellefteå June 29th – July 3rd

Saxon to perform at Stadsfesten, Skellefteå June 29th – July 3rd. Stadsfesten in Skellefteå is one of northern Sweden biggest summer events and attracts every year between 90.000-100.000 visitors during the five days.

Stadsfesten Skellefteå
Stadsfesten Skellefteå

The band has promised to go all in at this show and not to hold back on anything. This is metal at its very best.

In the end of June and the beginning of July central Skellefteå is filled with different kinds of music, food from around the world, shows, market, tivoli and much more.

Stadsfesten Skellefteå
Stadsfesten Skellefteå

During the bright summer evenings and nights, Skellefteå is transformed into a city that never sleeps.

When you think back on your holiday, you want to do it with a smile. Experiences to remember and lazy days in just the right mix. Skellefteå is just the place for these lasting impressions. Reservation: If you like diesel fumes, pickpockets or temple ruins, we recommend you to go somewhere else.

Welcome to Skellefteå, here you’ll find tourism information

Stadsfesten official website
SAXON official website


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