Eamonn Dowd & The Last Souls

Since the early 90’s Eamonn Dowd has been bringing his fiery brand of rock ‘n’ roll and punk inspired country/americana to audiences far and wide, releasing nine albums along the way. In recent years Dowd has toured throughout Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Finland, Estonia, Austria, Switzerland, Czech, east coast USA and Canada, solo and with The Racketeers. He also tours with Swedish band The Last Souls who played on several tracks on the 2014 album “Down A Hundred Crooked Roads”.

Eamonn has also recorded with the legendary Nikki Sudden and this material was released this year on Suddens posthumous box-set on the UK label, Easy Action.

After years of self-releasing material, “Silver & Dust” (2006) came out on hip German indie label Cannery Row Records. It was recorded by Paul Thomas who lists Phil Lynott, Whipping Boy, Horslips, U2 and The Dubliners amongst his clients. “Mansions Of Gold” (2009) was produced by Les Keye, bass player since 2006. Later that same year, “Two Way Mirror” – a collection of lost tracks and out-takes came out on Cheapskate. Recently three limited edition 7-inch lathe-cut 45’s have been added to the catalogue and even a cassette album, “Red Tape – Dead Formats Volume 1”.

Eamonn Dowd & The Last Souls
Eamonn Dowd & The Last Souls

February 2013 saw the release of a solo album “Things Aren’t The Way They Used To Be” followed swiftly (five months later) by “Wicked Wind Coming” a limited edition CD with a hand stamped wax sealed cover. “Down A Hundred Crooked Roads” has just been released (October 2014)to high praise, with a major article in the Irish Times daily newspaper.

Olaf Tyaransen, the award winning novelist, poet and journalist wrote… “Eamonn Dowd is one of the great survivors of Irish rock ‘n’ roll!

Hot Press (Ireland) A damn fine example of gravel-voiced country rock, these songs are full of unaffected, unrefined humanity, a kind of world-weary, warts ‘n’ all honesty that’s getting rarer in music, there is something raw and real about The Racketeers that’s easy to love.

Whiskeysoda (Germany) Opener “Rambling Jack” sofort für Gänsehaut. Jeder der folgenden Titel hat seinen ganz eigenen Charakter und sorgt beim Hören sofort für Kopfkino, die Texte sind bildreich und lyrisch, die Melodien von Melancholie geprägt. Das Projekt hat Format. Die Atmosphäre, die hier vermittelt wird, zwingt einen fast zur Generierung eines neuen Genre-Ungetüms: Country Gothic. Rauchiger, roher, düsterer, schwermütiger Rock’n’Roll mit einer ordentlichen Portion Tiefgang

Leagues O Toole / RTE (Ireland) An accomplished and rich sound, they simply rely on a fantastic, vulnerable voice, and are a band touching the heart of this city and following its lineage to America and beyond.

AMERICANA UK (UK) There are moments on this album that capture perfectly the magic that can be conjured up by combining country and rock ‘n’ roll in just the right proportions. There’s something almost debauched about the louche vocal. I like the personality and experience in his voice it makes him an engaging and believable narrator and I’m happy to spend time in his company… the same naked honest aggression of McGowan at his belligerent best. However instead of mayhem The Racketeers employ melody, more hooks than a convention of pirates, a kind of crushed velvet Gothic country, many magic moments.

The Examiner (Ireland) A country coated guitar affair that tugs at the heart-strings and the feet. Well worth checking out.

Recent article in the Irish Times
Recent review in Global Texan Chronicles

Alt Country (Netherlands) Er zit countryrock in de liedjes, maar zeker zoveel rock ‘n’ roll, rockabilly en folk. Zo klinkt de furieuze opener Ramblin’ Jack precies zoals de titel aangeeft. Shabby Dress is een Stray Cats-achtige meezinger. Straight Down The Line en Nobody Home gaan dan weer richting country. USP’s van de cd zijn Dowds stem als een pond roestige spijkers en het ijzersterke gitaarwerk van Dowd en gast Ger Kiely op elektrische, lap steel en octave gitaar. Duivel, Lucifer, dwaas en moordenaar, allemaal zijn ze welkom. Samen zorgen ze wel voor een energieke, afwisselende cd die de hoofdweg links laat leggen en prettig vaak de goot opzoekt.

Wendtour (Germany) Dowd liegt gesanglich irgendwo zwischen Johnny Cash und Shane McGowan und seine angenehm einprägsame, rauchige, spröde Stimme sorgt bei “Rambling Jack” sofort für Gänsehaut und Kopfkino, der Text ist bildreich und lyrisch, die Melodie von Melancholie geprägt. Der Song hat Format. Die Atmosphäre, die hier vermittelt wird, zwingt einen fast zur Generierung eines neuen Genre-Ungetüms: Country Gothic. Rauchiger, roher, düsterer, schwermütiger Rock’n’Roll mit einer ordentlichen Portion Tiefgang.

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