Denver’s own power trio Cloud Catcher have been crafting their brand

CLOUD CATCHER “Trails Of Kozmic Dust” (heavy boogie blues) out March 13th on Totem Cat Records.

Denver’s own power trio CLOUD CATCHER have been crafting their brand of heavy cosmic rock since they formed in May 2013.

Showcasing some of the finest psych-drenched heavy rock’n’roll ever seen on this side of the Andromeda Galaxy, their debut album “Enlightened Beyond Existence” (2015) caught the attention of the Colorado heavy music scene.

In the spring of 2016, CLOUD CATCHER signed to European record label Totem Cat Records, for the release of their sophomore offering “Trails of Kozmic Dust” in early 2017.

Their electric’n’boogie symphonies resonate with worshipers of classic heavy acts such as Captain Beyond, early Grand Funk Railroad, Sir Lord Baltimore and Budgie.

Summoning mountainous fuzzy riffs and sub-earthly jams that fuse in crushing harmony, CLOUD CATCHER have received the “cosmic nod”, unrelentingly wielding it in an attempt to pry open the mind’s eye of collective consciousness.

Cloud Catcher Album Artwork By Adam Burke
Cloud Catcher Album Artwork By Adam Burke

Thanks to their energy-fueled performances, the trio has had the opportunity to share the stages with notable acts as Acid King, Danava, Lecherous Gaze, Dead Meadow, Rival Sons, Black Tusk, Mondo Drag, Lord Dying and many more.

Artwork by Adam Burke

Track listing

1. Astral Warlord
2. Celestial Empress
3. Beyond The Electric Sun
4. Dimensional Interlude
5. Visions
6. Trails Of Kozmic Dust
7. Super Acid Magick
8. Righteous Ruler


Rory Rummings – Guitar and vocals
Kam Wentworth – Bass
Jared Soloman Handman – Drums

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