Catt Candles specialises in bespoke, handcrafted candles designed to impress

The love of heavy metal music and the love of making skull candles just seems to go hand in hand. I make my candles while listening to some new and exciting metal album or just getting into some old favourites.

Catt Candles
Catt Candles

Catt Candles were established in 1994 and we make a range of candles they can be made to order just choose colours and scents and we will do the rest.

Our Candles that are handmade to order with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Catt Candles specialises in bespoke, handcrafted candles designed to impress. Our gorgeous candles will transform your home, help lift and create moods with their sensuous scents.

Catt Candles
Catt Candles

Everything that we craft here at Catt Candles is handmade from scratch. That means that every single candle we produce has that special and tailor-made touch that you just can’t get from the high street.

Our candles are unique, hand-finished creations that take pride of place in beautiful homes all over the country – and further afield.



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