Shark Infested Daughters from the land of Maple Syrup and Moosehead Beer

Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada are band that came to my attention thanks to a local promoter from the land of Maple Syrup and Moosehead Beer!

What first got my attention was the bands ingenious and funny name, that got me fully intrigued.

Then I read the bio, rolling my eyes when I saw they are another Metal Core band a genre of the scene that I am quite honestly bored with at the moment. BUT… the first listen to opening track “Tidebringer” had this reviewer hooked, reeled in and fucking netted!

Oh this isn’t your average Metal Core band, these Big fish are something else.

They mix everything up with their high powered, mighty sound designed to attract every one who loves any form of aggressive powerful music be it Death Metal to Hard Rock.

The lyrical content on the album ranges from Sadness to full on Anger and is a superb Debut from this six piece with the wow factor throughout.

With out a doubt Erika Leah’s excellent and absorbing Vocals combined with front man Chris Thoresen growls make this a must listen. Added to that the production and sound is of high quality and the other band members deliver tight, jaw droppingly immense musicianship.

It is hard to believe that this is a new band and they are instantly addictive to listen to.

Opening with “Tidebringer” heavily laden with keyboards and growls that would make Lucifer’s hairs stand on end, these Calgarians tear into your very being. This is an immense opener. The piece De resistance on here is the excellent “Glass Kingdom” there is something inspiring although hateful yet deeply stirring about the whole song that’s conjured up in a must watch Video that accompanies it.

Simply put together they are out of this world, there is an edginess between Leah and Thoresen vocals throughout the Album and they simply shine on this number.

Shark Infested Daughters These Tides our Tombs Album Cover
Shark Infested Daughters These Tides our Tombs Album Cover

I cant enthuse enough about the musician ship on the Album. The drumming from Yannick Mathieu and the thudding tones of Dustin Wolfes Bass shake and stir the pits of Hades, the Guitars from Both Dan McCormick and Oliver Carter-Wells are phenomenal.

“To Those Who Have Hurt” tears at your soul with the delicious tones of Erika Leah backing the Metal onslaught as the gruff growls from Chris Thoresen continue to dominate the room.

“Whitefang” is a groove fest and yet deeply Dark in its intent jabbing at your body with pointed talons that shred your skin!

“Dead Eye” has an enraged vibe that smashes your skull with a sledge hammer the guitar solo is sublime too!

“Half-Life” quiet frankly melts your skin with its vicious delivery yet opens with a symphonic feel that moves into a full on head banging ecstasy.

“Kyubi” opens slowly then becomes some kind of enraged monster, full of grooves that batter your senses.

“Lifestream” snarls then penetrates your cerebral cortex and “Hyberion” rips Satan a new ass hole with hellish Drumming and defiant growls!

Penultimate track “Hitokiri” entrances and will move even the dead! A feast of keyboards and angst to terrify the neighbours.

Oh the final song is an acoustic version of “Tidebringer” which is excellent and show cases this bands virtuosity. Very impressive!

This Album will infest your soul and Shark Infested Daughters will be showing their razor sharp teeth around Canada soon on tour. Lets hope these magnificent beasties venture all around the world and swim into your life very soon.

Review by Seb Di Gatto – Score 9/10

Label: Unsigned, release date November 11th 2016

Track listing

1. Tidebringer
2. Glass Kingdom
3. To Those Who Have Hurt
4. Whitefang
5. Deadeye
6. Half-Life
7. Kyubi
8. Lifestream
9. Hyperion
10. Hitokiri
11. Tidebringer – Acoustic Version


Dan McCormick – Guitar/Vox
Chris Thoresen – Vox
Yannick Mathieu – Drums
Erika Leah – Synth / Vox
Oliver Carter-Wells – Guitar
Dustin Wolfe – Bass



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