Aya Kasper is a San Francisco, world traveled, designer, photographer, model and painter but also wife and mother

Ashley Taylor Tribal Goth
Ashley Taylor Tribal Goth

Aya Kasper is a San Francisco, world traveled, designer, photographer, model and painter but also wife and mother. Aya grew up around a creative family and was always encouraged to follow her dreams. Her college studies began in computers but quickly took a turn to art, architecture and interior design. While still finishing school she opened her own online boutique selling handmade bridal accessories, millinery and her hand painted skull masks. She naturally branched off into photography to provide the visuals for her handmade creations.

Ashley Taylor Tribal Goth

Once she began getting creative with models to show how her items could be worn it then became an obsession to create new pieces that would inspire her next photo shoot idea. Aya is known for taking her models on “Adventures,” to places she’s scoped out for years or happens to stumble upon while exploring with her family. From a known local haunted house, to hidden creeks in the woods or abandoned train depots, she loves to shoot in pretty landscapes as well as the perfect set for a Walking Dead episode.

Aya’s work has been featured in many online blogs and articles, California museums, art and runway shows and almost twenty magazines just this year alone. She was nominated by SF Raw, as accessory designer of the Year in 2012 and was commissioned by a chain restaurant in the east coast and the Winchester Mystery House for special collections of her skull masks. She has photographed published models and is also a published model herself.

Anhelica’s Awakening Steampunk Cyber Betty Photo by Aya Kasper Photography

Now Aya can be found shooting fantasy themes, classic pinup and dark beauty, using full costumes with her handmade pieces, where she not only creates themes, costumes accessories, but she is also her own makeup artist, hair and stylist for her models. Aya has been doing her new found love of advertising photography, fashion, glamour and alternative styles while making ladies feel glamorous and sexy and helps them carry out their fantasy through exciting themed photos.

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