“Zombieland” the latest studio album by the German MEGAHERZ

Zombieland, the latest studio album by the German MEGAHERZ is still haunting our auditory canals, whilst the five piece has already been busy working on fresh shenanigans – „look forward to the new MEGAHERZ shredfest“ as the band announces its EP “Erdwärts”.

There are four new and very varied songs on this EP: two of them stand for pure riff-laden heaviness, then there is a midtempo one and a rather slow and broody track that will be the talk of the town.

Lyric-wise fear is at the heart of it all – fear of the unknown and fear of a world that seems chaotic and out of control (‘Schwarzer Mann‘).

Megaherz Erdwärts Album Cover
Megaherz Erdwärts Album Cover

It’s time to stop hiding and face those fears. ‘Glorreiche Zeiten’ (‘Glorious times‘) on the other hand wishes strength to dreamers aiming to fulfill their biggest dreams.

‘Einsam‘ (‘Lonely‘) tells the story of the demise of a relationship with a twist – the one who leaves seems rather gleeful. On top of it and just like with Götterdämmerung and Zombieland, two MEGAHERZ classics got re-recorded and fans will embrace the new versions of faves Teufel and ‘Jordan‘.

A wondrous mix and a mighty appetizer for the MEGAHERZ German tour in January 2016 and something to heal the pain of waiting for the next album.

Megaherz Tour 2016
Megaherz Tour 2016

MEGAHERZ line-up

Alexander “Lex” Wohnhaas – Vocals
Christian “X-ti” Bystron – Guitars
Christoph Klinke – Guitars
Werner “Wenz” Weninger – Bass
Jürgen “Bam” Wiehler – Drums

Release date 04.12.2015

Megaherz Photo by Stefan Heilemann
Megaherz Photo by Stefan Heilemann

Tour dates

04.03.2016 DE – Erfurt / From Hell
05.03.2016 DE – Hildesheim / Herzblut Festival
17.03.2016 DE – Hannover / Musikzentrum
18.03.2016 DE – Hamburg / Knust
19.03.2016 DE – Lahnstein / Kulturscheune-Lahnstein
24.03.2016 DE – Cham / L.A. Cham
25.03.2016 AT – Wien / Szene
09.04.2016 DE – Markneukirchen / Framus-Warwick-Musichall

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MEGAHERZ official website


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