Makani Terror

I was born an only child in a small town called Duderstadt. The years of self-discovery passed quickly. On the path of wrong turns I had a broken Photographers training, a high school and a 1.5-year study of history and philosophy behind me. But nothing lasted and a renewed desire for change put me in a constant flux.

In 2004, I finally got the chance to expand one of my passions into a career and abolvierte so in a Hamburg Tattoo and Piercing Studio my 1.5 year training piercer. Shortly after I moved to the Ruhr and spent 5 years as piercer and girls for everything. By the way, I discovered the other side of the camera, the scenery, the realization. From the photographer a tattoo model.

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Makani Terror
Makani Terror


The Azaria Magazine is an international magazine focusing on the alternative lifestyles extreme internationally with focus on fetish, tattooed models, tattoo artists and music.

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