Corroded – I Am The God

Corroded officially took shape in 2004 after a couple of jam sessions. It was soon clear that the path of the band would be in the heritage of the heavy rock acts of the 70’s with additional layers of a more modern sound. Three CD’s were recorded in the first struggling years as an unsigned act: 2005 – Heart of the Machine, 2007 – Sessions ward, – 22 2007 – III. Numerous great reviews were published in magazines and webzines like German legendary banger magazine Metal Hammer.


Due to the attention the band was soon booked for a Sweden Rock Festival apperance. And after their first UK tour in 2008 they were signed to Ninetone Records. Corroded went quickly from unknown to household in Sweden, when the national TV station TV4 handpicked their debut single “Time and Again” to accompany the promotion of their blockbuster show “Expedition Robinson” internationally known as “Survivor”.

Corroded went straight into the Swedish album charts as #6 with their second album “Exit To Transfer”, following up on the success of their debut album “Eleven Shades of Black” in 2009. The second album “Exit to Transfer” dug deep within the same influences as before with the heavy rock acts of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s with additional layers of a more modern sound shining through. They were at this time produced by Swedish platinum selling producer Patrik Frisk at Ninetone Records and the sound was again refined, as the punch in the face heavy and very, very Corroded!


Corroded official website
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